Laugh, I Nearly Choked

 A headline fron the local paper.

Announcing a Spectacular Competition:

The article reads:
 We are challenging local amateur photographers to capture the heart of find an iconic image which truly reflects the beauty of our town and what a fantastic place it is.

What???  This mediocre town, overdeveloped long ago and attempting always to drift towards the lowest common denominator. 
High unemployment and lone parent figures. 
Many empty shops, offices, and industrial buildings.
Large pubs in a row selling cheap drinks for "Happy Hours" 
Not one, but three, variations on the Pound Shop.  Far too many betting and charity shops. 
Broken windows in the town centre.

Whats to love here?  I dont see anything.
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2 Responses Jun 12, 2011

Apparently my hometown has a super shopping centre. Its ranked number twenty in the country. Unbelievable. Also its a really good place to live, second in our county to the district ranked number eleven in the UK. Just proves how meaningless most statistics are.

It sounds like a town not far from where i live ,It's a bit rundown now and at one time it was bustling.

its in the midlands