Like this morning. I received a request for a daddy daughter roleplay with a strict daddy. It was going well until there was a hint of something inappropriate and we had an exchange about how I play for pleasure because I get enough of having to discipline my real kids where there's absolutely nothing sexual about it, and I didn't need any more of that at all.
She said it was ok and to keep it in play. So on we went with a really well written detailed play that lasted 2 hours and going into the 3rd hour a question was posed in character that again hinted at the inappropriate that was responded to as would be expected and then

My reply triggered an instant notice that the persons privacy settings do not allow me to send them a message.
I'm not going to name names because I'm not vindictive. But investing that much time into someone's request and then receiving the equivalent of a block is rude. I'm glad I'm unable to send anymore because it means I can't be as rude as she.
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Interestingly enough, the same girl asked me again to be her dad and it was a new username same as before with a 2 at the end, said her first one was suspended by EP (couldn't imagine why)
After reminding her of how round #1 went I still had to firmly tell her I wasn't going to try round #2. Still shaking my head about that one.

are u saying u thought she wasn't being inappropriate at first

No it was the other way around. She asked we not be inappropriate and I said I wasn't interested unless it did become inappropriate. She agreed and once we got to where it would, she reneged and blocked instead of holding up her side of the agreement.

well who messaged who first?

What happened has no bearing on who messaged whom first. Roleplay is based on mutually agreement so if one says something is alright then it's an obligation to follow through until a conclusion is reached. It is deceiving to say something is alright and then leave before fulfilling the agreement. What she did was rude and selfish.