She May Not Be the One From Hell, But She’s Close

We have this one shift supervisor where I work that I just really, really hate to work under. She may not be the one from Hell, but she’s close. I’m learning what I’m supposed to be doing and getting it down pretty good, or so the managers are saying.    Anyway, if I ask her a question about something she looks at me like I’m an imbecile. She’s just rude, acts like her butt doesn’t smell, like she puts her pants on a different way, and she seems to think she’s better than most (almost all).    When I’m supposed to be learning something and am working under her, she gets frustrated that I don’t already know, then has someone switch places with me, then I turn into her personal “gopher” (go-for).   She is between 19 and maybe 22 years old. Which I don’t have a problem with someone so young being my supervisor. Not in the least. It’s just her attitude. I think maybe if I can start sucking up, she’ll eventually like me. “Too bad, so sad”. I am not a suck up. I am not going to start for this girl. I have no problems with anybody else there. None, whatsoever.   My daughter started working there, too. I told her that she may not have the problems I have with this girl, since they’re so close in age. Well, that has nothing to do with it. She treats my daughter the same way.   One manager seems to understand, and told me not to worry about her. She said, “She doesn’t like me, neither”. I told her that it was a little different, though. I said: “Because you’re a manager and I’m not.”   The other managers doesn’t see any problems with her, but I’ve seen first handed how she has a way to sucking up to them, to make herself look good in their eyes. All of the managers and shift managers have their own “dirty work” to do. She won’t do hers. She delegates her unpleasant duties to the other employees. I’ve yet to see her wash something or pick up a broom. All of the others do. Oh excuse me. Yes, she does. When it’s a manager that’s working, she’s got to show that she does her work.    All I can do is growl! Not in her hearing distance, though. I try best as I can to kill her with kindness without being a suck up.    My poor daughter gets stuck working with her a lot more than I do. I have to tell my daughter: “Be patient. Bite your tongue. The others like you and don’t want to lose you.” My daughter is the type, she’s liable to tell her where to go and walk out the door.   Anyway, I just thought I’d get that out. Do I feel better? Momentarily, I do. Until I have to work with her again. Or even look at her. I hate feeling this way about somebody, especially when they are at my workplace. I get along with anybody, and have no problems with people. I don’t know why I do with her.
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All is well that is now in the past. "Big Smile"

I can't believe she was actually nice to me last night! I talked to her about her vacation that she will be going on to Caliifornia to see her dad, and told her I wished I could go. I hadn't been in so long. She told me she'd bring me a shot glass back!!! I came home and told my daughter "Hold on" Finally after I got her to brace herself, I told her: "****** was nice to me!" I still don't think she really believed me. Anyway, I hope this is a step forward that continues.<br />
Anyway, I just wanted to share that.