Can't Stand It

I associate yelling with my childhood...most specifically, my father. For that reason, yelling scares me. Especially men. If a man, it doesn't matter who, raises his voice at or around me, I go from zero to terrified in less than a second. Because my reaction is automatic, I didn't realize that the intensity of my reaction was abnormal. It wasn't until recently that realized that most people don't expect the result of yelling to be a life threatening situation or for the cops to be called...that's all me. People also recover more quickly from yelling than I do. Hours later, I'm still shaken up and frightened. So, no, I don't like yelling.

vinividivici21 vinividivici21
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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

That's actually not a bad idea...I'm not sure if I could handle the yelling overload, but it's definitely something to consider. Thank you. :)

Try going to a baseball game or a sporting event where the crowd are so loud you have to yell in order to be heard. This might get you some practice so that you will get over your fear slowly.