We Met Through Taxiride And She Turned Nasty On Me

her mother was a silly giddy false teenager  really.

I could tell they had a lot more money then what they show on the surface. maybe owning radio stations or music companies ... she was in big time with these bands and seemed to hook up with people easily compared to me.

she seemed ok in the beginning... me and michelle went a few gigs

but she drank a hell of a lot ,... I do not believe she was in day care as she was making out

and I wondered if she was older than what she was saying and much more experienced with men and drink given her ability to handle it well

then she deliberately didn't book and did not get back to me about a gig I went all the way down to Tweed heads to have to come back not going to the taxiride show

she was really 6itchy towards me and called me a user ... when I got upset and angry that she didn't bother to get back to me when I got down the coast as we planed to meet up ... she was no where in sight and I could not get her on her mobile... it was a direct message to FFFF off....

she accused me of being a user... well if you call being a user staying over a few nights at her house and eating like 1 slice of toast on two occasions

and she only wanted to know me when she no one else to ask out ... I was her last resort friend.... that was easy dumped...

she was the user and 6itch .... she would flirt with guys and make me feel very uncomfortable...

I wondered if she was related to Leigh Morris and ken carey ....

she was a nasty competitive person and her mother was a stupid old cow... who wanted to be a teenager til 90... michelle was very very nasty towards me.... and she is not a very attractive girl either.... and a very false pushy arrogant judgmental person.

something did not gel with them ... I regret ever meeting them.... her father was a real old fart much like the scum bag who comes here with my sisters spastic laundry ....

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if she wants to see a real user she should see some of my sisters friends like keith smith or russell green... <br />
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keith would come over to our house ...invite himself over more like it and stay for days or a week and get free food, cigarettes and drink, and free access to our computers all night every-night... and got into the bios and wrecked things on my mums computer... then back stabbed me with these people who bashed me... and here keith was a friend of my sisters for over 20 years coming over often ... but soon stabs us in the back that is a user!!!<br />
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<br />
or russell ... coming over all the time demanding people go out with him and bunging on acts of aggression in someone elses house, putting me down when I never wanted to know him - I wanted to mix with guys at college and university ... you know a bit much by god to have to tolerate from people...<br />
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or rick and katy bashing me and then taking off with all the bottles of wine and soft drink and cheese cakes I bought for a party... <br />
<br />
they are users....!!!

I think I met michelle in 2001 or 2002 and by 2003 she turned nasty on me for no reason. never rang to check where I was that night we were supposed to meet up ... ??? so confusing !!!<br />
I felt like they were trying to take the mic or p iss out of me to be honest.....<br />
<br />
that is what happens when I go looking for genuine friends I always get burnt. she didn't like me and thought I was a dumb red/blonde old dog!<br />
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I didn;t think all this negative stuff about them when I was with them... its was all nice then... but once she turned on me for nothing and hurt me so deeply ... I couldn;t understand what I did to be called a user... that was so hurtful .... and 6itchy ... that was when I realised she is the viper go-getter type who would bully you and say anything even if it was not true or justly minded... cuz I never used her... <br />
<br />
I slept over there 2 nights and ate 2 slices of toast ... that is not a user. I thought she was a friend who wanted me over ... I never forced myself over their she offered .... I never forced her to go out with me she always offered.... you know so it hurt when she said I was a user... <br />
<br />
when I had been raped and had a stroke or heart attack afterwards in 2000 .... she could have at least been a little more caring the way you would expect a friend to be... and not attack you<br />
<br />
that is what I do not understand about the younger generation and their ill manners... they are so brash and forward ... <br />
<br />
I could never have michelle as a friend now... she is too false and there is something fake about her family....

Sounds rough.

yeh, I was never was negative thinking or judging them when I was with them I was suprised they actually wanted to know me... I was thin and blonde and more attractive back then doing more with my appearance and I think she was very competitive ... if she seen me now and seen how fat and ugly I look now with herpes rash over my face arms and neck ... she may treat me nicer. maybe not.... I needed a friend at the time and I was over the moon she wanted to even know me after being bashed etc... but it always turns sour ... why??