Gift Money

i dont like loaning people money because quite often you never get it back or you end up waiting a really long time for it so i give people money as a gift and i tell them i wish not to have it returning, either they graciously accept or they get nothing, life is too short to go chasing people for money

Donalh Donalh
22-25, M
2 Responses May 28, 2008

My friend asked to borrow a rather large sum of money from me for her sister which shocked me. I told her, "we have the same job and you make more money than I do where do you suppose I am going to get this money to loan you?" To which she replied, "that I could borrow it from an institution such as bank." I was like and you can't? I seriously didn't have it and friend or not taking out a loan for her sister whom I barely knew seemed absurd to me. Twice I have been asked to borrow the same amount of money when they knew I didn't have it by two different "friends". I am talking 4 digit sums not like spot me a twenty. I just figured they had both lost their mind thinking that I would loan them something I didn't have.

I have started doing this too - I used to feel upset when money wasn't returned or when i was waiting too the end I decided that it was just if i have it I give it and don't expect it back.