I Hate "lol"

I hate "lol" mostly because I know a nasty person who used to lol all the time and now it reminds me of her.

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Internet slang is retarded I will never use it and I am glad there is an application you can use to block out certain words…normally for cuss words but I could not care less about cussing.. so I type in all the stupid slang and retarded faces and symbols and POOF all the stupid slang **** is replaced with - <br />
I really love the fact that I can block it all and keep adding to the list of stupid fake crap.

maldemer, LMAO is stupid because it is physically impossible to laugh ones a** off.

How about LMAO? It looks and sounds like an awkward concoction of alphabet letters (at first, I thought it had something to do with Chinese communism). When I actually realized what it meant, it still looked and sounded odd and awkward. :I

What did?

This made me lol

When people say lol usually it doesn't mean they are laughing out loud. It just means they are lost for words. I use ROFLCOPTER. Far more appropriate. =)

Hahaha, exactly the same for me word for world. I hate all Internet slang really, I only ever use it sarcastically. Even when I text or IM, I like to at least try and respect the English Language. It's the language I speak the best, and I want to make good use of it. It sounds downright dumb when you read a sentence full of all of those annoying abbreviations, I usually have to look up half of them to find out what they mean. Ironic how the Internet is boosting communication and yet killing it all at once.