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You'll Never Guess Why I Don't Look Mexican...

I don't look Mexican because I am... Not one! I'm so white, if I ******** down naked, you could lose me in the snow. I really don't a story go along with this because no one has EVER been like, Are you Mexican, but don't look like it? If some one did, they'd be retarded. No offense to retards, I was special Ed too or to Mexicans that don't look like it.
Lonewinter Lonewinter 16-17, F 2 Responses Apr 2, 2012

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Makes me think, what are Mexicans supposed to look like? Field hands? I was mistaken for Samoan, Hawaiian, Fiji even. The vision of me goes from a hula girl under a waterfall w a flower in my hair to a maid knocking on a hotel room door. "Housekeeping?" GRRRR

Hahaha that's great. I guess the topic is a bit misleading.