It's In My Genes

My mother always looked younger than she actually was. I remember going places with her when I was a teenager and having people mistake her for my sister. They used to say things to my dad like, "Oh, you have your daughter with you today?" He would get so mad!

I must take after her. I just turned forty this past fall and so far no one can guess my age. Most guesses are between the age of 28-32. I am truly flattered when I get that type of compliment. No one wants to look old. I think the only time I really feel ancient is when my daughter's friends call me ma'am or Mrs.

I know someday it will catch up with me but for now...I'm enjoying every second of it!

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41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

I was 16 and out for lunch in a college town, my mom did not notice this table with some hot guys kept staring, flirting. My mom went to the bathroom, and this dark haired guy about 6ft 2 broad shoulders comes over and asks if that is my sister, I'm like no my sisters at home. Blonde me then figured out who he was talking about, with an attitude I tell him its my mom. To which he replied if thats your mom whats your sister look like. <br />
Looking back on it I have a greater appreciation on it since I just turned 40. But at the time I was like grossed out about it!<br />
I love it all the time when people find out I have a son who will be a JR in college, they never believe I am old enough. I once had a cute little old man ask me if I was 12 when I started! Just the other day a mom of my sons friend from another school asked me how old I am she knows I have older kids, I had no shame in telling her. She looks closer at my face and says damn your doing good you don't even have any line and your 4 yrs older than me.<br />
I feel the same way when the kids friends call me ma'am or Mrs, I always tell them they can just call me by my first name.

Ya it's nice to look younger later on in life. I'm 37 and no one at work pegs me older than 27-32. It's nice, but it doesn't make me feel like I have more time to accomplish the things in life I want to.<br />
The down side of always looking younger: When I was a teenager, I had trouble getting girls my age because I looked too young. Always getting carded to buy cigarettes, well into my 20's.