On The Positive Side.

last night i told someone the truth. That every time my ex skewered me i would retreat and think of how things could have been.

I told her that i still remember the day I first took LE PILL (ASK ME!) and found her crashing and she gave me beautiful music and for days I was mopey and depressed and she showed me around her cd collection and I fell in love with it

Songs that said just what i needed to hear, just what i'd given up thinking i'd ever find anyone to say. Pat the Bunny's music. Proudhon in Proudhon in manhattan

and jesus does the dishes. ******* brilliant ******* stuff.

I told her the truth that i'd LIED to myself to be with my ex and that i'm GLAD i rebounded on my ex rather than her..

I think I'm supposed to be sorry but what I really am is relieved. I never would have seen ANY of the  moves i've made lately coming. at ALL. I'm starting to read like I lost my  conscience when I lost the one thing I tried to hang onto (Key: it wasn't my ex)


But If anything I'm stoked in the fires of the high road even heavier than before. I am realizing there is no I in team and the MORE irrelevant I feel the BETTER i feel inside. Liberation through SACRIFICE All I want to do is listen and understand! Fill me up sweet universe. Fill my head with your thoughts.

But I know where I was supposed to be. I've been blinded by myself and it doesn't MATTER what I get back here. It never does anymore. it's my pleasure to just GIVE my love and NOTHING IS MORE FREE... No more ATTACHMENT to outcome. Whatever will be  I dare the wind lay claim to me...

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Dec 9, 2012