I've been dating my boyfriend for almost two years now and I feel like I don't love him anymore.  And I have absolutely no good reason not to.  He loves me so much, would never EVER cheat on me, he tries really hard and he's really good to me.  I feel like this is completely on my end.  When I think of breaking up with him I get scared but I'm not sure if it's because I still love him and don't want to break up with him or because I'm scared of having to live my life without his support.  This is especially pertinent since I'm graduating from college in May and will be going into the real world and that has me scared shitless.   Part of me really wants to still be with him just so that transition isn't so scary.  

I haven't really said anything along these lines to him.  This is both of our first serious relationship so I think we are both pretty sensitive about any subject that is even close to breaking up stuff.   That and our fights and super scary.  He would never ever hurt me even though I **** him off when I try and hit him (not like it makes any difference to him, I'm a small girl) but we are both really stubborn and our fights can go on for a while.  We both has some serious tempers and can, admittedly, get childish but in any case, I'm pretty scared to bring up anything because of the possible resulting fight and because of what it might mean for us.

I'm sorry if this is rambling, I'm both trying to get this out of my system and find some advice.  Anything anyone has to offer would be great.  Thanks.

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4 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I'm going through (nearly) the EXACT same thing, save for a few small details.<br />
I'd really like to know what you did about your dillema, I'm really at a complete loss, I'm indecisive about what action to take, and it almost feels like that stressor alone is somewhat debiliating.<br />
Could you possibly help me out by commenting back on this page?<br />

i am in the same situation you are and it's has yours worked out since writing this post?<br />
<br />
i'm just very stressed out and unsure of what to do being that i am 20 and he's 22 and weve been together for over a year.<br />
<br />
it's both of our first real loves and we have even lived together for about 5 months of the time but i'm back at my dad's for the summer months.<br />
<br />
he's going to graduate in the fall and i still have 2 more years.<br />
<br />
i meet guys all the time that i think "hmm i would like to do something sexual with you" or even go on a picnic...<br />
<br />
it's like i'm married when i'm 20 i just thik there could be someone better... but her has supported me all through some bad times i've been having, and takes my anger and stress that i throw at him.<br />
<br />
but he's not as strong of a man as i would like, nor as attractive..? i mean...hes cute and i know other girls think so too, but he's very skinny for his 6' and i feel as though he's too weak..<br />
<br />
= not very much sexual attraction.<br />
<br />
i have thought of a guy from my work while we had sex just to get turned on.<br />
<br />
i don't know how to bring back that "i love him SOO much" feeling of a year ago..:(

omg im like totally exactly the same. i feel the same way. except we're 18. but still he seems so determined to be with me but at the same time i think its horrible and would regret it. but sometimes i can not stand him.

Ah, how hard it is to say 9 or possIABLY HAVE TO SAY) Goodbye to what we once thought was the love of our life, if you don't love him tell him, you will both be sad, but this too will pass. This is life not a rehersal, don't delay the eneviatable.<br />
It is possiable to outgow love, when one person goes off in another direction. Explain this was not intentional.