Hi, I am a 41 yr old women who has been with my husband for 24 yrs. married 14. He was my whole world up until about 5 yrs ago. We have 3 beautiful children. My husband has always made everything else a priority except for me and my feelings. Btw he is a wonderful father. 18 months ago he started a relationship with his first cousin. His cousin and I fell deeply in love. Recently we got caught and his cousin (who is unhappily married) is trying to work things out with his wife and I find myself not even wanting to be in the same room with my husband. I want to divorce but I can't seem to get up the courage. He is acting like nothing even happened which is why I started to become angry in the first place. He's like a block of ice. I need some good advice. Oh and btw my husband is very wealthy and I don't even care about the money. I'm just worried about getting screwed financially cuz I haven't worked in 13 yrs!!!!!
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I feel for you. I know how it is to be made last priority and all about ice husbands. Sometimes the best thing is not to do anything, especially if you are not sure of what you want to do. Waiting can help because sometimes things sort themselves out. You might also find that your husband is actually afraid to loose you and is puting a protective shield around himself to stop himself from getting hurt. Just take your time till you are sure what you want to do. Good luck