20 Yr Old College Student With A 4mth Old Child .... I Love School & Work More Than My Husband.

I can't remember why ....
Why i got married..
Why i fell in love with my husband...
Why i stayed with these last 2 yrs..

  The truth is i dont love him. When he walk in the room the hate just boils up in me.
My face turns red hot and he could say not a word to me but im already mad.
Hes a hard worker a good dad but i dont think he know be a friend to me if he tried.
He never yet has done anything romantic for me .... i havent been on a Adult date since our baby was born
Hes always bitching about his job or his things or money
Im ******* tired of it i dont want to hear about it i dont care anymore
He doesnt care about me he doesnt lisen to me
When things go wrong i just figure that it is karma gettting back at him
I hate his family they are the most up tight '' religious '' arragonant people i have ever met.

Im ready to be dont get a divorece and move on... im only 20 my whole life is ahead of me

I just hate my husband .. hes so passive agressive iv told him how i feel over and over but
i never get anywhere with it ... it makes me sad and angry all at the same time.
I miss what we used to have together.
Where did those people go ...

Oh and heres the big kicker ... 
The bastard can afford to buy tools for his company
but he can afford 500$ for me to go to my cna class
my mom and dad had to pay it for me

I fet like i was ******* five and a burden all over again

Im so ready for this chapter of my life to be over with
Im ready to get done with my cna class .... ill be able to support myself
and my beautiful baby girl and move on with my life

I think thats all that i have left to do

deeshaff deeshaff
1 Response Mar 25, 2012

20 and married with a child. That is really sad as you have not even tasted the joy of life...chezzz