Im Pregnant And Not Inlove.

I'm only 22 years old and have been with the same guy for 2 years. I thought I loved him at first but I was totally wrong. Despite the fact that I realized I didnt love him about 1 1/2 years ago, I stayed. I have no idea why. Now i regret not leaving him more then ever because I am 3 month pregnant. Abortion was not an option so now im stuck with him. My family and friends think i love him. He knows i dont. No offense to anyone on this page but i dont want to be 40 and say I wish i would have left him. I am so miserable. Hes a great guy but no matter how great he is, i will never love him and i feel horrible. I just want to be happy but I just cant leave now that im pregnant. I have no where to go. Please help me.
Marifaye Marifaye
2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I'm curious to know how this turned out for you. At 22, it's normal not to be sure about anything. Most things are new learning experiences for you in your teens and 20's. Just because you have a baby with him doesn't mean you have to stay with him. Agree on how you will raise your child and interact with each other around him/her. But your life can still go on. You will either meet someone else who you feel strongly for, or your feelings for your guy will change. Give yourself the time and space you need. Don't be so hard on yourself.

And why is it ur not in love with him?? Do u think about somebody else