.....so How Could Anyone Love Me?

I don't even try to hang out with people because I feel like no one would want to be around me.  I think when people are nice to me they're being fake.  I think when people tell me good things that they're lying.  I have so much love for everyone else and I see so much good in people but I always put myself down.  


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Hi :) I like that I related to your story .wish I could help but i do want to say hold on tight bcuz it can last for years. The important thing is now you can seek help if you haven't already

Thank you all. Is like you are talking to me because the same is thing happening to me

You are a special child of God and not less than ever. Please realize this okay, each of us is important to God and should never think otherwise. You are loved by God no matter what you ever did could change that fact. You have to love yourself to love others. Look at yourself in the mirror each day and tell yourself something that you like about yourself. This is not vain to do this. its mean't to help you see that you are worthwhile and have much to offer others out there. after all that is why you chose to come down here in the first place.<br />

Oh how I ******* hate people like you who come to thread discussing a serious issue about some real life problem, and then talk a lot of BS about how God loves us or some ****. This is not discussion about whether God loves anyone or not. It's not the subject. You don't even know if this person believes in God. Why do you have to come here and try promoting your religious beliefs instead of contributing to the debate in a useful way. As the saying goes; Religion is like a penis. It's fine to have one. It's fine to be proud of it. But please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around, and please don't shove it down my children's throat.

I'm not a Christen or religious. God is the word I use. It doesn't matter to me whether you use God, Universe, the Spirit, Natures Spirit or Life. It’s all the same. There is nothing in the universe but LOVE, you may think its not so and it is you right to believe what you want. But I know that the Universe is only Love. It just looks some times like its not. I don’t Love myself either, so I am telling you to convince myself what I know in my mind is also true in my heart. God is all there is, because everything is just a piece of him. Love is all there is, Know that the universe Loves you….

I think Azureangel is right but I find this very hard to put into practice. What helps me - a little - is when i have a good day I write down 1 positive thought I have about myself or something positive someone has said to me or a positive thing i have done for someone. When i think this - that i hate myself, i read the positive comment and try to remember that the negative thoughts are transient - they will pass (sometimes they will pass within a few hours and other times it can take a week). You really need to hold on fast to the belief that as azure says - everyone thinks this at times - unfortunately for some of us it is more often.<br />
Be Kind To Yourself - you would be kind to a stranger<br />