I Think Its Wrong

I remember in h.s a girl that was handicaped and walked with some sort of crutch to help her walk cause of the fact she had something wrong with her back. she was very pretty though and i have to say i had a crush on her a big crush on her but i cant remember her name for the life of me. id have love to take her out to a movie or something but never could. i hope i run into some day here in my town. You see beauty is in the eye of the beholder so what if she was handicaped doesnt make her any less of a person. but i dont any guy wanted to date her cause of it but i did i liked her. i hope some day i see her again
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:) yep lets cheat the system cause we get points :)

I'll just go with it then... You're welcome. :)

thanks sonnet rather reply to ur comment im cheating the system

This is lovely. :)