How Can You Cuddle A Child After Doing That?

I would much rather be bonded to one woman who I love with my whole heart forever and ever than waste my time drooling after unsatisfying fantasies. Yes, it's addictive, and yes, you can stop doing it. Why do people feel like they need to have so many sexual thoughts and desires all the time for people they aren't married to? Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you should, too.  Everytime I see a commercial using sex to sell some product, I get a little upset. I feel like people are trying to overcome my will in order to get me to do things I feel aren't right. And I believe that such greed and abandon destroy a healthy conception of intimacy.

I can guarantee you that not ************ for the rest of your life will not kill you, make you go insane, make you impotent, or anything else. It will just take your mind away from something that you shouldn't be thinking about anyway.

SplitPeaSoup SplitPeaSoup
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 20, 2010

I applaud you for writing this and sticking to your guns! I dislike advertisments that use sex to sell and I do not like seeing women use their bodies (or children) for monatary gains. It disgusts me to no end. I agree that we waste so much of our time fantasing instead of being more useful in more positive ways. Young man keep doing your thing and I hope you don't jump on the bandwagon. There are few, REAL men in this world who view and want to have sex the way it was intended: in a loving, stable marriage.