I Didn't Come Here Intending To Evesdrop, But People Talk So Loud

So here I am at IHOP and from across the resturaunt I hear the waitress telling her story about some older aunt or someone. Apparently her husband has a heart condition so he can't mow the lawn or shovel snow. They lived in a condo for a while, then bought a house but realized it was impractical, so now they're looking for an apartment to rent, but the one they looked at on Franklin Street was $1100 a month and there were burn marks in the carpet and a litle throw rug in the middle of the floor. Her aunt asked the real estate lady, "What are they hiding under the throw rug?" and lifted it up. There was a hole in the carpet exposing the hard wood floor beneath. The agent didn't know what to say, but the aunt was disgusted. And looking out the back window one could see the railroad tracks very close. The aunt feels disgusted by the situation, and according to the waitress's tone, rightly so.


I really don't try to be rude. People just talk loud. Glad the family who was sitting nearby has left. The man was so incredibly inconsiderate to his wife I could hardly stand it. She was trying to talk about an inclusive topic, excercise, to bridge the topic divide. He went on and on about high school sports that his friend's son is involved in. His daughter, the birthday girl according to the waitress, sat silently. I would estimate she was around 8 to 10. There were breif spans where no one spoke, a few seconds here and there, enough to politely begin to speak. Whenever anyone spoke the husband instantly began to speak louder over them.


I think the worst thing about overhearing people is that I can't help but judge them. The fact that they talk so loud feels like it invades my peace, so I start out critical. Now there's a trio of black nurses from the nearby UMass Medical and they're talking in some ridiculous exageration of ebonics. I think they're so loud becasue each of them is so rude. They don't take turns talking so they have to shout over each other to all talk at once. And if you're shouting over someone who's already shouting, you'd have to shout really loud. That's the volume of their conversation currently. If they were on TV I would instantly dismiss their banter as unrealistic. Blacksploitation. Clearly the dialog was written by someone who never heard black people talk, they don't hoot and holler and swear and drop the "N" word and use clusters of clipped mis-spoken words and slang, talk about cousin-related violence, high drama party life, "choking *******", rehab, and whatever makes a girl a "Dime piece", apparently Tia doesn't qualify....


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That last group I overheard that day, they seemed to know how loud they were being. It was like seeing an unrealistic display put on for someone else. Sort of like...pretending to be SOOO into your new date to try and make your ex boyfriend jealous. It had that kind of deliberate display feeling to it.