...unless They Need It

I never deliberately set out to give offense.  Some may argue that my writing is offensive to them.  Well, I apologise  - I didn't have them in mind when I wrote the piece - but no-one forced them to read it.  I don't like confrontation and will seek to avoid it.  I am not a doormat, though.  If you offend me enough, you are quite likely to be invited to take a long walk off a short pier - or something even more graphic involving doughnuts.  Having said that, I am not easily offended.  Not stopping something that annoys me when I have asked you politely to desist will do it every time, however.  Parking in a disabled spot when you are clearly able-bodied will do it too.  I could go on....
reteps reteps
51-55, M
Jun 21, 2010