It Always Happens

I always say the wrong thing at the wrong time in front of the wrong person. And i never say things to hurt somebodies feelings. It could just come out, or somebody thinks that i meant it in a way that i didnt.. And im the worst when it comes to break ups. because im realistic, i like to look at the real side of things where my friends heads are always up in the clouds.. And i dont think my way of looking at things is a bad way to look at things i just think its not the most normal way.. But whats normal anywayyy so im just going to wind up offending people for the rest of my life and i have no idea how to stop it and no idea what to say and do. Because my way of joking and sarcasm and basically looking at life.. is obviously not the same as anyone else.

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I try hard to sugarcoat my thoughts just enough to take the bite out. Most of the time it goes well with relatively stable people and the really cool ones appreciate it. The nuts will fly off the handle, etc and honestly, I'm glad they do. It's their sign that reads 'I'm a little cookoo - stay away'.

SOO. So. So. many times my friends say things and i take it too realistically. Probably with everything i've been through that realistic is the only way i know. But i dont know how to spare others feelings with the things i say because stuff like that doesnt hurt my feelings. Its just really difficult for me because i DONT like to hurt my friends and i feel like i do when i say things that they dont understand.

I also understand what you mean. I am not a big talker, but when I do speak, I have been told I bite hard. Very direct, realistic and to the point. One reason I am single is because I am different and don't want anything short term either.. Yes be yourself, love yourself be grateful for your uniqueness. I know I am!

thank you so much.. Im good how are you?

We are the same type. I never want to hurt them. But I think differently and logically than most people. They often feel offended by voicing my mind. I have learned to adapt to the situation. There are time I should speak the true and most of the I just need to be quiet or be more considerate in whatever I am going to say. I love your uniqueness and we don't need to be like them. If everyone is the same, life will be so boring. Take time to appreciate your beauty and there are so many wonderful things in you ( as far as I could remember some of your stories)<br />
from an Ep friend<br />
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How are you?