I'm The Worst For Mood Enduced Bad Spelling

my spelling varies between what i've been on,sometimes even with the help of spelling aids,i can't get it to look right no matter how obvious it is,my weed consumption and whether i've had a drink,although that's only once in a while,if i've been reading recently about something the spelling of difficult words i've read seem easy,but if it's a while since i've seen something spelt right,i just have to put it into google and see what it says for what you could have meant !,i'm a technophobe and know i've got the necessary software on this computer to write properly ,just not capable sometimes due to my mental state,i'm registered mentally disabled,but that doesn't mean i'm dense,ignorant,or thick,as some people continue to think,as long as i'm being understood that's all that matters ,luv ya just for understanding x
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1 Response May 22, 2012

I do understand Sweetheart, and it is OK.<br />
<br />
Jamie Lee