I Am Loosing My Bowel Control

Ive already posted my story in another board, but I thought I share a little of how I feel. From mid point last year, Ive been loosing feeling in my bowel. I have a degree of a diability called spina bifida which can affect the nerves to everything below the waist.
At first, when I started dealing with it by going to the docs to find out what is going wrong, I was totally embarrassed.. but I was more embarrassed about wearing the adult nappy/diaper the nurse provided. I refused to wear it just on the grounds of being too proud. untill one day I soiled myself in public and bit the bullet and wore the monster pad.
That was a year ago. Now Im totally fine with how I am. Ive come to grips with this is how I will be for evermore. So long as I wear my pads I dont mind, I know I am gona be secure in them. When I wore one at first I was ashamed. I am a grown man...with no bowel control in a nappy..But now I am so comfortable in them, I used to worry if I was showing the outline of my pads through my jeans or is there edge hanging over my belt. but now I just think, Im ok, Im secure, I dont mind if I flash a bit of white edge, I learned that no one is gona bother.
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Yeah, most people are to into what they are doing to care what your doing or wearing. Unless you went out in just a nappy lol.