I Have To Wear. Nappies

After a car. Acident. I became. Unable. To control. My bladder. At. All. And I have. To. Wear. A nappy 24_7 but. Something good happened I found. That. I like wearing. Nappies I have to go out with. Carer and they have. To change me as I use 6or7 nappies a day and 2 or 3 at night as I live in a community. Home for disabled. Younger people who. Are physically handicapped
Ond of the careers. I really. Like was working. Nights. By her. Self. Came into. My bedroom lifted. Up her skirt. And she was wearing a nappy. To she took her clothes of and got. Into. Bed with me it was lovely we had good section and we. Both had very wet nappies we are now married. And living. In. Our. Own home. And. We. Have. A great life. Sometimes. We stay at home just. Wearr only our nappies my wife sometimes dresses. Me in little girls clothes and a dummy in my mouth. And at night. I wear. A night dress. Over my nappy. As it turns. Her on so lm a very. Lucy. Baby indeed
robparker robparker
46-50, M
Dec 16, 2012