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I don't know if it is something I should think about, but I don't mind if my man takes the lead in our relationship, deciding where we go and what we do, as long as I have the say in whether we have sex or not. I think this is essentially the correct way not least because most of the time he pays for whatever we do, club, bar, theatre or concert.

My responsibility to him is to be beautiful!
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easy to say when you are young, milk it for all you got cause guys that pay for things just because you are pretty will upgrade to something else eventually. You will get older, sag and be forgotten if you aren't a good person otherwise.

I am sure you have no problem being beautiful

"My responsibility to him is to be beautiful"
wat !!! no way . wait till u grow older then i will ask u about this opinion of urs

ur opnion really changes after 25 u become more shrewd and opinionated. wait and see. then its going to be all about equality , guy who cares wat i want my feelings my this and that. ull see