You're Free To!

No, I don't mind if a person disagrees with me at all! Only when it's the important stuff like, "It's bad to set people on fire." or "It's not right to mow down people with your car." If a person disagree with me on those statements, and ones like it, well... there will be a problem. I will back away quickly, because I don't want to be seriously injured! :-o

But for the every day stuff, like religion, politics, and movie stars... it doesn't bother me when a person disagrees. They are free to, as long as they are not pushy or preachy with it. I have my beliefs and I'm not looking to convert. And I would never shove my view down anyone's throat either. ;-)

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3 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I dont mid either. I really dont expect them to agree with me!-lol

Thanks for the laugh! I really needed it. " It's bad to set people on fire" I didn't even get past that yet.

LMAO!! It's bad to set people on fire ... ROTFL ... :)O