I Really Don't!

I know that many don't like to read long emails from friends... or long EP messages here... or long EP stories. This is why I try to shorten all of these things, so I won't annoy others. :-)

But as for myself, I don't mind them at all! I love learning about a person and hearing what they have to say. So, it's no big deal to me. Long comments from others, on my stories, don't bother me either. They're awesome! :-D

Though, my best pal loves my LONG stories on EP. Especially when they're about him and how wonderful he and his wife are! And I admit it, I enjoy writing those types of stories the most! It's better than any video game and lots more fun to write about those two! Ah, I know that's sacrilege, Philip... for me to say it's better than a video game... but for me, it's true! =p

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Mar 4, 2009