My Amazing Wife

me and my wife are very close and very open with eachother about everything espicaly sex and we both love sex alot and alot of different kinds of sex i want to share some of her quotes and statements shes made over about a year that ive been writing down to see what everyone thinks i hope you enjoy them.

I love ****!

I wanna become your little **** kenny!

I wanna **** a hole bunch of different guys!

I wanna get gang banged!

I'm so horny, I really need some **** rite now!
Can i **** Bubba?
:D bubba was so easy to **** baby
it felt good when Bubba came in my *****!

Hey gues what baby...I ****** this guy Phil today :)
it was fun i took 3 pics for you to jerkoff to! im sory
i didnt take more.
Phil came in my mouth, i swallowed it all!

I loved sucking chris's **** wile you watched!
he's got a realy nice big ****!
and when he came on my face it was so much ***!! i loved it!
I wish chris would have ****** me!

I've ben sexting with Zac i sent him alot of pics of me and
he sent me pics of his ****, Its so huge! i realy wanna ****
him again!

I want you to take pics of me ******* 2 guys, and i want you
to jerkoff to it
and when they *** in my ***** i want you to lick it out!

I love that you let me **** anyone i want to!

I got horny so im at jesse's house tyring to **** him
he wouldnt **** me so i sucked him off! i made him *** in
my mouth. it tasted good! :)

I want like 10 guys to all *** all over my face :)

Hey baby i ****** Brian last nite! :)
I got him in his bed with me and he felt me up so i got naked
and got up on him and rode his ****, then went down and
started sucking it and fell asleep with his **** in my hand
i dont kno if he came tho :/ i was drunk

Hey baby theres this guy at work Matt i herd he has a big
**** i realy wanna see it!
I got Matt to show me his **** today its nice i wana **** him!
:) I ****** Matt today baby he made me *** all over his ****
it was great! he came once all over my *** then we ******
again and he came in my *****!

I met with an old highschool friend today named Ben...We
****** :) it was fast lol i saw him and was like holy ****
i havnt seen you in awile he said i know and i grabed his
croch and said you still packn down there and felt him startn
to get hard he said last time i checked. and i said come on
and took him to my car and drove to the spot on airport view
ware we **** alot and i pulled his **** out and started to
stroke it he said dont you have a husband i said yeah its ok and
put my mouth on his **** as far as i could and came back off
and told him i love your **** and then sucked it more untill
i got up and got naked and rode his ****, then we got out the
car and he ****** me from behind then i got on my knees and he
jerked off and i watched his *** squirt all over my mouth and

I hope your not mad at me but i ****** Mike on newyears!:/
:) I hoped it would turn you on, I did it cuz i was realy
horny and i knew he would **** me. He went down on me and
then he ****** me missonary then i sucked his **** then
he ****** me doggie then i sucked his **** til he came
in my mouth!

I think i caught Chlymidia from mike, since its curable and
i took the meds for it i kinda like that i got it, it makes
me feel more like a ****!

I want 2 huge dicks in my face rite now!
1 thats 9in long and 7in arround and 1 thats 11in long and
8in arround!

I want like 5 guys with huge ***** to **** me and fill my
***** with their *** so you can **** my slutty used *****

Ive ****** atleast 50 guys and seen atleast 100 dicks in
person and yours is my favorite kenny :)

mmmm his **** tastes so good!

i want you to take me down a dirt road in the middle of the
day and drop me off naked then drive out and park on the
main road so i can walk all the way to you naked possibly
getting seen by alot of people.

I would love to **** abuncha ur work buddies!

can we have a party ware i ware nothing but whip cream on my
nipples and ***** and *** crack and every one that shows up
you get to tell what part of me to lick the whip cream off of?

can we have a party ware im naked in the pool when everyone
shows up and i get out and go sit on anyones lap i want to
and if they get hard they gota show it to me :) and i can
eather play with it or just tease em but you can tell me
to be a good **** and make them *** if you want :)

OMG im so horny all the time baby!

I really wanna **** corey hes so hot and he probably
has a huge ****! i love huge dicks!

i want you to **** on me!!
**** on my boobs and stomach, and rub your **** on my *****
wile your *******! **** on my *** to
i want you to **** wile im suckn your **** i want it in my
mouth and on my face

will you lick my *** hole? :) Ill lick yours too!
id really love to lick eachothers *** holes! :)

can i **** on you?
you could lay down and ill squat over you and **** on you.
i wanna **** on ur chest and stomach and i wanna **** on
your ****!
can i **** on ur face and in your mouth?
will you lick my ***** wile im *******? :)

i really liked licking your ******* and when you licked
mine! :)
i wanna do something that i think ul think its to nasty!
i wanna lick your ******* when you have to take a ****!
and i want you to let your **** come out wile im lickin you!
yeah i want your **** in my mouth and on my face! :)

i cant wate to share a big hard throbing **** with you baby
and teach you how to suck it and have you play with his balls
wile i ride his big hard ****, and you watch my *** and ****
bouncing up and down and you watch the way his huge ****
thrusts in and out of my little soaking wet ***** as you want
not only his big hard throbing **** but also my sweet sexy
body my warm skin plump jusy lips to kiss and my hard nipples
to suck on

i wanna go shoping with you and ware just my little surf skirt
thet my *** sticks out the bottom of and a white spagetti
strap shirt with no bra or panties.

i want to do a bi 3sum with you and a sexy guy with a big ****
of our choosing i want to rub your guys dicks together and
have you rub your dicks on eachother and on me!

would you like me to **** another guy wile he or i sucks your

would you **** a guy in the *** and let me watch? maybe you
could **** him wile he ***** me.

i wanna help you suck another guys **** and i want you to
lick my **** and his **** wile hes ******* me, and you could
suck his **** after he ***** me.

i want a guy to *** in eather my mouth or your mouth then you
and me makeout, or have him *** on me and you lick it off.
and you could do the same *** in his mouth or mine and then
me and him makeout.

id like to see your *** landing in his mouth and his ***
landing in your mouth.

maybe you could *** in my ***** and the other guy can lick it

would you *** in a cup so i can drink it with like alchole
or something like a shot with your ***? and maybe make it
into 2 shots one for you and one for me?

would you try waking me up by ******* on me?

i wanna make cup cakes with you both of us naked and i wanna
rub iceing all over your **** and then lick it off and jerk
you off until you *** all over one of the cupcakes then i
want to eat the *** coverd cupcake!

i think it would be so awsome if we hired a photographer to
take pictures of me in sexy outfits and bakinis and naked in
diferent poses and places and even outside and then hang them
up out in the garage so you and all your friends and who ever
else comes over can see them! what do you think? :)

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5 Responses May 13, 2012

sounds like a lot of fun!

wow! lucky man... thats my kind of woman!

Awesome! Any pics or video to go with some her statements?

damm your hot wife really love to **** for you, you so lucky to have such a openminded **** for a hot wife, tell her you want to see her ******* a other ***** with a double headed dido as you lick both of there clits she got all the good things now you got one for her. would love to take your hot wife to a swinger club and take her to the **** room and turn her loose and she if she is on the mike begging for more ***** to come to the **** room. which my wife did the second time i drop her off in the orgey room she had ****** all the men in the room dry and she was needing more **** when she got finish she had ****** 50 men and 14 bi woman with her strap-on and when we got home she was horny again.

She sounds great. Thanks for sharing.