What's the Big Deal Anyway?


I don't mind bad spelling, I don't mind typos, I don't mind slang. I know that I usually spell-check my stories and comments, but that’s just me. Not everyone has to, nor should everyone conform to plain old perfect English. Let’s make up words, like hallabagashory, or Marakaienaki, I could say to you, "I appreciate your Hallabagashory on this topic, but I wish you would see the Marakaienaki"

Anyway, I saw all those ‘don’t like bad spelling’ and I thought, well I can either say ‘I hate perfect spelling’ or I can say ‘ I don’t mind spelling errors’ so I went for the latter because it excludes far less people.

Hav ay gud dai peepol

smebro smebro
22-25, M
4 Responses Jun 18, 2007

I agree, this environment is not for the literate few, it's for everyone. <br />
Share the love, include an errar in a story of yours today.

I really never mind the spellinmg errors either, just glad to get mail and to return it with my own spelling errors, no superiority here...And isn't hate a little strong???

hahaha... i hate spelling errors, but i'm quite partial to spelling errars, as it turns out!

LMAO... thank goodness for spell check 'cause i can't spell nor do i care. Point well made!