"The Help"

I watched this over the weekend with a couple of girlfriends... loved it! Outstanding performances by Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer coupled with heart wrenching stories from Americas' history will have you laughing, holding back tears and be forever grateful for those who paved the way before us.
Now I'm torn on whether or not I should read the book... generally movies made from books do not measure up. Perhaps a second matinee viewing will help make up my mind... this time I will be attending it alone. Happy Watching!
ShadowofDoubt ShadowofDoubt
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hello mika, i forgot jessicas' character lol. she was sensational and her husband was very appealing (looks and character) lol :)<br />
<br />
thanks for responding!

Hi Shadow, I did enjoy this movie also,,, it's one of those rare movies that I feel could just keep on going, and I would keep on watching it. I loved Jessica Chastain 's character , . Thanks for sharing !! cheers mika