I Often Prefer Watching Movies Solo.

There are just some movies that you cannot watch with your loved ones, whether it be too sappy or too scary, there is always a reason why one movie we absolutely love must be reserved for when we are alone. In my case, it's the sappy movies, because I have always been the emotional movie watcher--hell, even the movie "Up" made me cry the first couple times I watched it.

Sometimes, I like to be able to cry during a movie without worrying that I'll be judged because I enjoyed the experience of the movie.
SoulSucker SoulSucker
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1 Response Sep 2, 2011

I think the reason you like to watch movies alone is because you have not found that special person. I love to watch a movie with that special woman. If we cry or laugh or scream it is all good. What matters is you are with someone special. That person accepts you for you. I am still looking myself.

Oh I have that special someone, but he's the macho type so he makes fun if I start crying during a sappy movie. It doesn't bother me, but chick flicks like "Pride and Prejudice" aren't the same when you have a guy poking fun because you get lost in the movie.

If it's not a tearjerker, I can watch it with him and there are always moments in the movie where we look at each other like "Holy shiz, did that just happen!?" which makes it all the more enjoyable.