Mr. J

He was a self-absorbed skinny would-be film director. Here's how awful he was: He got a puppy that he named Dog. He put a collar on Dog and eventually the dog grew out of it. But J didn't even notice until there was a sore spot on the dog's neck from the tight collar. What a tool! The way he treated that dog was how he treated me. Carelessly Cruel.
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3 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Dog was always his dog. We were in college, and I lived in a dorm, and he in a rented house with two other guys. I should've taken his dog! Yes, he really was creative! "Here, Dog! Not that dog, I mean MY DOG!"

HE seems really creative and brilliant... thus naming the canine: DOG! :O Did you take Dog with ya when it was over??

I will slap him for you! (in my mind)