Worst Boy Ever

My first love was shorter than me and a total dweeb.  He wore the same jacket all year long and thought he was just a badass.  We dated for like 6 months. He dumped me in a note (whimp) and then told everyone that I slept with him.!  I was in 8th grade... I know kids do that stuff now this young but not I!  I ended up burning everything he gave me and T.P.ed his house. :) haha.
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3 Responses Jul 17, 2010

I'll try that next time. I never thought of the weed killer thing. lmao<br />
And wow, i hope he's not dead but he's a douche for being a dumbass bubble, lol!

haha, the worst boy i ever had was my last boyfriend. well yeah, it was just last month. we dated for just 2 months or less. I met him in a bar (stupid). <br />
<br />
We broke up. How? he just disappeared. Like a bubble! maybe he's dead. lol =P

Use weed and grass killer and write your feelings about him on the parents front lawn. Just dont sign your name.