Terrible Lie

I was with my ex for far too long and at the wrong time in my life, from 16 til 20.  I gave up my friends at school my junior and senior years for him.  He had rescued me from an even worse relationship and spoiled me stupid, so I ate it up.  I was going through some major family things in early '01, so I went out of town with some friends for the weekend.  When I came home to the apartment we had shared until that previous October and he was there, I knew something was up.  He started a huge fight because of my being gone and raised his fist to me; I fought back.  We agreed to keep things civil because of an obligation to my family, but once we were back home, that was it.  As wonderful as he made me feel in the beginning, he made me feel that horrible in the last 2+ years.  I don't miss someone who held me back from living my life, being successful and finding the happiness I deserve.
FabulousGrrl FabulousGrrl
31-35, F
Nov 28, 2006