Crazy..... first TRUE ended up to be a joke.  We were together for almost 2 yrs....the first year was almost perfection.  Well...we got our own apartment together in April of this year.  We had had some problems but were trying to work through them.  The problems just kept getting worse and we made a mutual agreement that it would be best if we separated for a while to "work on our friendship."  Come to find out...the reason he wanted to  break up  was because he had another girlfriend....and ex girlfriend of his at that!  He lied to me for months about it and when I finally found out....he made ME seem like the bad person.  I was the only one working & paying the bills while he was at home having sex with her in MY bed.  Then having sex with me while I was totally oblivious to all this.  After refusing to move out or break up with this girl on my time schedule....I started messing around with a guy who was supposedly his best friend.  So of course.....I'm the ****.  Ridiculous!  Anyways...this is why I don't miss my first love. 
hshoemak hshoemak
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2006