Yes I Do. He Was a Great Guy. ...

Yes I do. he was a great guy. He was the kind of guy that stood by me. I was 15 and had quite a turbulent home life and he saw many altercations between my mother and myself. When I was 16 I left home, He wanted me to go with him but I wanted to finish high school. It broke my heart to leave him behind. I eventually did graduate and lost trak of him. I sometimes think about reconnecting him but honestly I had built him up after so many years that I sometimes think he wouldn't be the man I had made him into. Or worse what if we didnt work out? I would be crushed and all those memories would be tarnished. Have you ever felt like that about an old boyfriend?
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1 Response Apr 14, 2007

i know how u feel,its hard to reconnect with someone when u dont know if they still feel the same or if they want to reconnect too.