Crazy Nut!

My first love was great at the beginnin...then after the 3rd year it went down hill....FAST! I was scared to get outta the relationship cause we had a child together. We dated for 6yrs and it was pure HELL! His mother was some whacked up ***** that kept callin me names and etc. One year she liked me the next she didnt. I dumped his *** after 6yrs. of puttin up with that ****, cause i found someone else that told me i could do alot better. I did get rid of him and I have my son. he doesnt want nothing to do with our child, but does pay for what he is responsible for. I dont see him or talk to him. I met my REAL true love in 2002 and we dated for awhile and got married in 2006. But i realize now that my ex just wanted ME, not our child....Kinda reaky!
heidt77 heidt77
26-30, F
Feb 14, 2007