Im Content On My Own

im content all by myself i dont need someone to make me feel loved or cherish or cared. i know who iam im not saying eventually or i dont want to to be with someone but when you put your heart out there and see oh after all those times you just said i love you i wanna be with you, it really means nothing im alot more catious when it comes to guys now . im scared to death if i put my gurad down illl be back at sqare one. i know not all guys are like my ex but its omething you cant shake its a fear you cant get rid of competly .
Tawny26 Tawny26
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thank you

You're probably right honey. You're probably right. If you're developing resilience and strength, and can become your own woman and don't need a guy to validate you, MORE POWER TO YOU SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have my FULL support on that one and I rather envy you actually. Go for it. Go to school. Get excellent at something you love, a career that will be fulfilling and rewarding. You will be fine :-).

i know its one of those things you dont want to think about but you have so many reminders around its hard i dont really like guys right now i understand not all of them are like my ex but it deff makes you question things you would never question i feel most comfortable alone i see a guy walk near i tense up like almost immitedity i hope this fear doesnt last long but in my head if i push every guy away im protecting myself from hurt again, its always in the back of my mind what if this guy would do the same the thing my ex did i know not every guy is bad sometimes i would honesly like to belive that huge lie but i think id be hurting me much more.

Not all guys are like your ex, but all guys AND all girls are human, and selfish, and blind. We all need to heal, and yes, we need to feel loved and needed. Which is how the guards come into play. If there is a key, I suppose it's only to develop our Beings so that the love that we generate is Love, and not WANT only. If we generate the true kind of Love, then, I would only hope that the kind of person that we would attract has the same quality to offer, or at least the will to develop, to learn, to grow up all their lives. We all must grow up all our lives long. We are all blind and live on the premise of ego all the time. It's sad and we go in circles, digging our own holes of misery deeper and deeper sometimes. Seldom one pops out of the hole. A wonderful thing that is. To be celebrated indeed.