i don't think anybody should need anybody to make them happy. but for women this is still such an inherent part of our socialization. that we are not only in need of men, but that we can be defined by them. i hope women can be bigger than this. i hope that femininity has evolved to the point where this is no longer a default position for women. i once (twice, a million times) thought i needed a man to be not only happy but whole, complete, defined, real, visible, and accomplished. i still struggle with this everyday. i question my intentions when i crave to have someone hold me, love me, save me, and understand me. but i think our imperative need to relate to others should be very clearly distinguished from that paralyzing feeling that without another we are nothing. we already are each other. we already are whole, complete, perfect, defined, and happy as we are. if we aren't, another person isn't going to change that...for long.
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I love this but you don't reject men either which I like.

But the don't define you which is right. :))

there are things we need. but it is not all ways defind by M>F>.its the other bits around us,that we should go by. and then be whole.

Thanks for the post.. i really needed to read this..