I Can Represent Myself

I don't need someone to advocate my sorrows or my pain. I don't need someone to speak for my misfortune or how unfortunate my life is. I kindly accept sympathy and understanding. That's different.

I carry my own baggage and I deal with it on my time.

You know the saying "man up"

Well I am a woman and I do the same.

My own grief and tragedy is not anyone else's to share. It is my own burden.

The only thing I will share is my love. And so be it.

I am a woman that refuses to look weak and unrepresented. I refuse to bond with others in tragedy. I bond with others in survival and overcoming our obstacles. Looking forward while remembering our past.

I am me. I am what I look like on the exterior and that's for other people to judge. But NOT for me to take or put up with. I am what I feel and think on the interior. I've spent years refining ways to express it thoroughly with others so there is a clear understanding.

I refuse to have someone else speak for my experience, my battles with racism, or my pain as if I cannot speak for myself. It does no other service than to get attention and pretend I am too weak to do it myself..

If perchance this was to rally attention to racism and served a higher purpose than that person should get permission from me first as it is my life, my experience. But do not act like I'm some victim advocate. I am a survivor. I refuse to be a victim.


Tekkamaki Tekkamaki
1 Response Mar 8, 2009

YAY!! And good for you dear! Keep the Power, always. Hugs, LW