I don't really feel like dating anyone. I feel like my life is pretty full and satisfying without desperately trying to find a boyfriend to add into the mix. I dont GET girls who have to have a new guy the second they're out of a relationship. If you just broke up or separated, you don't need a new man that very second. Constantly dating ends with you not being able to find the right person because you don't even know yourself and just transfer feelings from one person to the next. Unhealthy!
Cindell Cindell
22-25, F
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I agree with u 100 present. the sad thing is that when they break up they already have a guy lined up to date. it just means that most girls are always thinking about other guys and deep down there waiting to be with somebody else. but what will u do for sex while u figure ur self out..lol

I know plenty of those girls who have 'em lined up. They frequent online dating sites and think they're in love with every person they meet. I'm like "newsflash ladies: there's a difference between actually being in love with a person and thinking you're in love with everyone you meet just because you're desperate for love." And I really don't think sex is THAT important that I need to have it outside of a fun, loving relationship. It's not that I don't enjoy it... a lot... but I think sex with people who you aren't in a relationship with just makes life complicated. I'm 100% okay with not getting any until I find someone who's decent and respects me and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! :P Besides, chicks these days be all "I just want to get it in!" then they end up spreading STDs every time they spread their legs, so I'm all set on any hooking up... even with protection!

now im jealous I never meet girls like u..

well not never but hardly..lol

Don't worry, you'll find one, one day!!

Don't worry, you'll find one, one day!!

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