Know-it-all Manipulators

Some people really don't know when their advice is wanted. At all. I'm anti-social and have a decent grasp on it but some people seem to think they're gods gift to the world and they have to share their know-it-all -ness with anyone who expresses an opinion or emotion, because, heaven forbid, we do anything a way they wouldn't. You know something really ****** me off when I revert to using any sort of reference to the supernatural. There is one person in my life who does this all the time, then scoffs at you like "what the **** is your problem" if you point it out, and makes motions/facial expressions as if to say "I was only trying to help, what got shoved up your *** this morning." My grandpa. Some days I just want to strangle him to death. I don't even have to say anything, he just feels it's his right to "guide" me in the "right" direction. If I don't tell him about something he gets pissy. He absolutely has to be in control or something is obviously wrong. If you don't do what he "advises" you to do, or don't do it his way, he tries to guilt you into it. I've learned to just use sarcastic replies, but there is only so much one person can take. No wonder his children are so messed up.

- K
Knabble Knabble
18-21, F
Oct 14, 2011