I Have An Awesome Ability To Get Naturally High Without Alcohol And Weedish Food Which Is Full Of Awesomeness

oh yeah, i do not need any of those things called alcohol or druggyish food products because i can get naturally high. why, because i have alot of energy and i can converter this energy into randomming power. its is of great awesomness that i can do that and its very good. adding these alcohols bits and druggerish peices only amplifies the natural high into everest highs, thats right, higher than K2 highs too because everest is higher than K2 thanks to wikipedia and its knowledges of knowledge, higher than yo mama, sorry. forget about that bit, but yeah i can naturally get high and have a blast of all kinds (thats right, erotic blasts) without the aid of A and D (A= alcohol, D= drugs).

but seriously fun doesnt have to mean being behind the influence, fun can happen in many different ways and sometimes i think people (most of the people i know anyway) dont drink and sniff for the sake of fun, but for the sake of being cool "i got smashed on the weekend and woke up on sunday morning next to a hunger and body beaten blonde girl" - typical line i hear from alot of people i know. but yeah all in all i would like to have fun in other ways like bungee jumping, maybe dune buggying, and even mucking around at the local mall. but thats just me, oh yeah and i like to act like i;m high when the beer is not enough.
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thanks for the comment. i just dont see why alcohol is everything, i can have fun without it and the problem with my age group is that they just go drinking in there freetime and dont look for other alternatives. i am tryign to get creative in finding different ways of having fun without the need for substances. oh yeah and i do drink alot of milk too, its good for me and i like it.