Never Liked It

I seriously have never gotten drunk or done the nasty drugs in my entire life - and I'm perfectly fine with it!

First of all I've got allergies and the smoking can easily set it off. Second, I only tasted beer and wine once - and I absolutely hated the taste. It doesn't even have REAL sugar in it! How can people actually swallow this gunk without spitting it out?!

Thirdly I've seen enough movies and few cartoons dealing with the drug issues to know what can happen - in one a kid died from overdose and it scared me so much I refused to take any drugs that are harmful - in fact I only use medicine for aches or unless a doctor has prescribed it to me.

A lot of people wonder why I don't like beer or wine and sometimes I feel like screaming that I just don't like it.

There are many other ways to have fun that doesn't involve this crud (or sex, I have my priorities you know), so why not do those instead?!

Whitelighter5 Whitelighter5
26-30, F
Sep 14, 2012