I Do Drink But...

I do drink, am reducing my intake of this but at same time, it is the company and frame of mind rather than the chemical additions that make a good night out for me.

I have had lots of alcohol and bad company and the former did not improve the latter any, with me then doing my wandering to find a new group of friends. 

I have had just as much fun sober as I have drunk- being silly, random and sponteneous with my friends; those little moments that happen when they should not and you can't stop giggling

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10 Responses Sep 7, 2008

I'm glad that I have you as a friend and that you realize your power within and base it from personal experience. You're a wonderful human being with a lot to offer.

So true. Resist the temptation to Google him!!!

And for any who doubt, heed this woman when she warns of Daniel O'Donnell! She warned me, and I listened not. I Googled him, and followed a link to YouTube, and am sadder but wiser for the experience. Hideous, I say!

I must agree with you, flutterbly, about both alcohol and Daniel O'Donnell. I can enjoy the company of friends with or without alcohol. And I only drink what I like the taste of. Perhaps that's why I'm a Riesling Auslese fan, and make homemade liqueurs as a hobby. If it tastes bad, and I want a buzz, I'll just go to something else.

absolutely. i've gotten some encridbile milage out of a ginger ale as long as I am in the right company it need nothing else to improve it.

she is indeed :) technically i am, i think.... ive always had an Irish passport, is that what defines it? i dunno. go there 4 or 5 times a year, and most ofmy summer. love it there.

ha the gift of the gab... my mam always says that.... <br />
mines a triple.

Hmm... to you too!

Mine's a double!

Good philosophy. There is a time and place for it...not all the time and not everywhere.