High school is a constant test of temptation. It's just a matter of time before you give in to what everyone else does. Why do we go smoke weed and get drunk off our ***** every single weekend? Is that really our idea of fun? Or is it just what's expected of us? It's as if it's just a matter of time before one more person gives in. It's not that I'm totally against drugs or alcohol, I'm against the idea that you cannot have fun without it.
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Cuz it's fun

I definitely agree with you -- I've spent so many incredible nights with incredible friends without a drop of alcohol, and I'm glad to have that kind of memory and proud to have surrounded myself with people who know how to have a good time with just each other's company.

I used to be upset because I didn't have a social life in high school, but looking back it's nothing but drinking and smoking and I'm glad I was no part of that

I totally agree with this! All my friends are high 24/7 and think it's the only way to have fun! Sometimes it's irritating to have them always asking me if I want to come smoke with them, It's hard to say no sometimes though.

Hey it's up to u, i can enjoy a weekend without booze/weed and also with it after all why not? How harmful is weed and its really fun. Hey u want to sit and just watch ppl do this wondering why? Why not give it a try and see for urself. I'm not advocating for drug use but u only live once and id like to experience all kinds of different realities and state of mind, can show u a world from and different perspective.

True :)

Just be strong enough to resist
It isn't a problem for me
That's not my definition of high school

Well I could just forget my high school years since it was boring ad I'm prom night......I felt so lonely my god

All I need is my dirtbike and a girl that I wish was mine

Alcohol tastes like **** & makes someone lose consciousness. Weed keeps you aware of everything you're doing, it just masks stress & adds to the fun :) Weed is like the only drug that won't **** you up.

This is exactly me.

Low self Esteban and a large ego

Yup, i've done it all. Things that alter your mind is overrated when it comes to fun.

It's not all about having fun. Taking drugs of any kind or just plain getting **** faced is a way of escaping reality and forgetting about your feelings. When you're a teenager, you feel a lot of negative things and sometimes it gets to be too much. It gets to the point where not even your friends and family are much help. So you turn to drugs and it helps ease the pain for the moment. It's not the best solution but when the stresses of life get to be too much all you want to do is feel something else. Something out of this world.

Well it's pointless. Like you said, it's temporary relief. Your problems are still here when you come off the high. People need to deal with their problems in the right ways.

Sometimes there's nothing you can do to fix your problem. So getting a little relief is like having a break during work. Still gotta work, but a break's still a good thing ! Or am I wrong ?

I still kinda a here tho

If you get tired of drugs and alcohol u could always have sex for fun

I defended this point till I was blue in the face. But people would not believe/listen to me...I'm glad I'm not the only person who believes this

Same here!

I agree I honestly don't care for most parties because of this. Alcohol doesn't even taste good

Haha finally somebody!