Life can be so enjoyable when totally sober. Your mind is clear. You body is healthy and functioning the way God intended.

So much better to face your problems head on and deal with them with a pure heart and a fully functioning mind.
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Yes!! I could not have said it any better. I love people that think that way...;-))

Soo True!....I know from being an addict and am now sober.....good post!

Too many rely on alcohol and drugs.

Been in 12 step ?

I don't but it helps.

I agree, but not the God part since I am atheist.

I've got drunk before, but mostly drink in moderation when I do drink. As far as drugs are concerned I've had weed only a couple of times in my life and that was about as far as it got. Never had a desire to touch harder drugs before and still don't. I don;t need any high from drugs to make me happy, and problems in life are there to be solved. They are there to challenge you. I have friends that have done harder drugs socially and that's their choice, but I do believe you should have a clear head and a clean healthy body. Life is for living, not for becoming so wasted you can't function.

It's true, I quit alcohol four years ago, & I feel like I am in a new world with a new life. It's great! even though I wasn't a heavy drinker. Now I am more satisfied with Workout.
Without nightmare there will be no dreams. Like this without problems there will be no life, first we should accept this & problems teaching us something that would help us throughout our life.

Thank you

drug and alcohol abuse are symptoms of underlying issues that need to be confronted. if you truly loved yourself you wouldn't harm yourself

True :-)

I agree

you're right but in such a complicated life human feels weak facing it , so he uses those things to berry his pains and troubles .even if this adds nothing in the other side it takes (it takes days from your life and make the death closer)

I agree but those things will not solve their pain or their struggles. It will still be there