Well I don't smoke or drink, never have and absolutely hate drugs but still have a great deal of fun whenever I am out .. in fact most of the time I have more fun than the people who are drinking or getting high and wasted on stuff .. I for one do not see how having fun and doing these things are related but to each their own.

I party hard (not as hard as I used to considering I have two kids who are my world and who i love spending time with) and enjoy the music and the going out scene even without having to do alcohol and guess what I have probably the most energy around .. so those who think that alcohol, drugs and having fun go hand in hand, think again coz they surely don't!!
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I don't think weed is bad or some alcohol.

To each their own .. but it's just not for me. At the expense of being of told off, coming from someone in the age group of 13-15 it is disturbing.

Don't see how its disturbing. I smoke, but when I commented I never said "oh yeah I drink and smoke your a poonani if you don't". And opinion of mine isn't "disturbing". I just said I don't think it's bad if you know how to handle it and can be mature about it.

To each their own!

I hate how you keep preaching the same thing yet called my opinion "disgusting". Never was rude about your opinion.

Well it is my opinion that you are far too young to smoke but then again I am not your dad so there is not much else i can say. And it was never my intention to be rude, maybe i am just too old school. So apologies if i offended you.

I'm not to young actually. I don't think my age for smoking weed is bad. I don't like to drink and it's about maturity. I can handle it better then most upper class men and sometimes even adults. I get average grades so I'm meeting state standard, I don't skip class, and I don't have problems with the law. I'm not causing problems and my choices don't effect anyone in a negative way.

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I would love to give alcohol up but i sometimes feel I use it as a crutch to make the night kind of "get going". A lot of my friends r less talkative and awkward without alcoholic in the mix. I guess that says something about who I hang with..

Hey anything in moderation is ok .. don't shoot yourself down for that! The idea is for you to control it and not it to control you!

This Si so true, I experimented in my twenties in London and since having kids don't touch anything and am alway first to arrive and last to leave a party! I have friends who still dabble but no way will I risk my health and I feel fine the next day. I think you just become more self assured and people respond to that, nothing sexier!

You betcha .. i mean to each their own but I don't get that people send themselves to a state where they have no control or don't remember anything and call that fun .. really?

Thank you seriously someone who gets it

I am glad u agree! :))

I really don't get people who use

Me either but most people think the more wasted they are, the more fun they are having .. but hey what can you do!

your way better than me, my motto is "if I cant drink then I cant go" :/

Kids can shake up your world.. in a good way if you realize it. Partying with alcohol and drugs just leads to headaches and hangovers. Not worth it in my view.Good for you :) sound like a fun guy to go out with and just enjoying the moment. Sober and clearheaded.

You betcha .. wanna go out tonight? ;)

I'm the same way 100% people don't understand why I don't drink or why I won't try any drugs but I'm a mom when I do go out I don't want to make any bad choices and I'm happy with just dancing and having fun sober then being messed up.

You're physically very beautiful (I am sure you have heard that a million times) but this makes you even more beautiful .. children do completely change your perspective on life, don't they?

Children are the best thing in the world.

Hugs to you my Handsome Friend! I totally agree with you but their was a time in my 20s when I was a lil *Party Animal* but we all deeper in or out of it and I grew out of it..... :)

But then again that's what the 20s are for, aren't they? ;)

Always can have a good time without alcohol. Doesn't hurt at times but still can have a good time. Tried pot once was worthless and did nothing for me. I'm an ex smoker , going on 3 yrs this month smoke free!!!

Well done! I have never really been drawn to any of those things but have no problem with what people do in their time .. to each their own! Though, I hate drugs!!

Yes and I luvvvv them

Good for you. You sound like you are pretty high energy to begin with so why bother, right? --DW

Hell to the yeah!!!

partying is not a bad thing and it can be enjoyed with out the bad stuff . take care of those kids !

Always do, always will till my dying day .. they are my purpose in life! :)

hi ! understand ! mine are 26 and 29 now . have two grandsons . love all of them ! :-)

Well done .. i hope to have the same some day! :)