My boyfriend currently is curious about drugs. He loves to do it with his best friend behind my back. I try to tell him that I'm not comfortable with him doing that but he insists that he's just trying them not getting addicted to them. I tried to tell his parents and they blew me off all because they think his "best friend" is a goody goody guy who would never do this. I also tried talking to his best friend to stop and he told me to screw off. Everybody I try to tell says I'm the crazy one who's just trying to get attention. I'm not. I don't understand why he does this.
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Dump him, he's a degenerate and you are doing yourself a disservice by fraternizing with him. Altering the state of one's mind for recreation bespeaks a recklessness and stupidity that you would do well to avoid at all costs. A person who cannot enjoy his life in his right mind is best avoided. What's more, if he continues along this path, he will end up a miserable junkie, regardless his initial intention.

then if he doseont take ur opinion into consideration then he might not be the guy for u if he doseont listen cause drugs are bad for you listen to the people that care for you

Damn..You're a keeper

Kick him to the's clear that drugs are the only
thing he cares about, and you deserve better.

He does it because the drugs mean more to him then you. You can stick around and find that out and in the process lose yourself in his insanity or you can get out now. Have a real life don't just be a victim. See how this works is you love him so you WANT to believe him. You might even think getting high with him is the answer. Oh and those friends what do you think there gonna say. Get out now or enter a hell that the church doesn't even knows exist. Good Luck

get a new boyfriend-he doesn't care what you think on this

If it makes you feel uncomfortable don't deal with it. Tell him if he keeps it up you'll leave him if he keeps it going break up with him and go out with the person he hates the most.

It is because he thinks drugs are cool

That's his business If he wants to do them then let him do them.

Drugs are the number one cause of many highly infectious diseases. Tell him it's either you or the drugs he can't have both. This isn't fair to expose yourself to possible diseases for his fun.

sounds to me like he is saying that his best friend is more important than you...

This is your life, show him how serious you are, dump him.

It depends if it's weed or harder drugs like Ice or Cocaine. You don't need to do drugs but you'll be surprised how many people use weed. It's definitely the safest of all of them.

Yeah then it's gets bad. LSD and meth are really bad. And Speed is a powerful drug. If a man on speed start swinging, it'll take at least 4 men to get him down. Natural drugs are they safest. Man made drugs are incredibly addictive and harmful.

That's a problem. Living life to use drugs is fine. Using drugs to live your life is when it gets bad. But like I said weed is fine (In my eyes). My best friend does weed. He knows I don't use it and he doesn't pressure me into it. All in moderation though, even to much weed can be bad.