doing drugs and drinking is so stupid
buttney buttney
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I don't get the hype about it. My cousin convinced me to smoke weed with him and his friends, I did and I didn't feel anything; they acted like total idiots the whole time and it was cringe worthy. I tried a beer once for fun and spit it out, it tastes disgusting. People are weird.

is marijuana considered a drug?


Amen to you


Don't blame the drugs

then what do i blame

Blame people that can't handle their ****

so alcoholics and drug abusers?

Sure keyword abusers

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Drugs make people phony! I hate drugs.

it's when people use it as a status symbol, that gets very annoying


I personally love to drink every now and then. Not so much drugs but beer is like my old best friend.

i would never do drugs, but ive never tried alcohol so i wouldnt knoe


Never say never. Your still young and peer pressure is a b!tch. I can live with out it but sometimes you just need to unwind.

And it will killyoppp

I mapwant

I meant to say it will kill you.