My boyfriend's friends and especially their girlfriends have all told him that I'm stuck up. Oh really? I'm sorry that I don't want to do drugs and drink with my kids in the next room like you do. I'm sorry that when I do drink, I make sure my children are spending the night at their grandparents house. I'm also sorry that I never drink to the point of looking like an idiot. Being a sloppy drunken mess throwing up everywhere is NOT attractive.
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Sounds to me like your the only one in the group that's got handle on things. Next time one of them is face down in the bowl you should take a few picts to show them later to show them how stupid they are...

it also sucks when you're taking them home and they puke in your car. never take them home in your car, do it in theirs.

So ture its like why would u want to get drunk in the first place? U do stupied things that can make a lot of ither problems for your self. I personally dont drink at all i dont like the taste i rather have a soda :P. i hope by drugs u mean just weed (witch i dont use ether) cuz i would hate for the kids to see anything like that. Sorry i sound like i am trying to tell u how to parent but u sond like u your doing good if u chose not to do any of that when there in th house